Adult Bible Fellowships

Adult Bible Fellowships are the perfect place to connect with other adults as you grow deeper in your relationship with God.  Our ABF vision is to transform classes into Great Commission communities.  Not satisfied with people simply gathering in a room once a week, our desire is for everyone to move beyond the walls of our classrooms.  Together, we learn, share life, and serve others.

ABFs meet at 8:00, 9:15, and 10:45am each Sunday morning.  See below for a list of available classes or stop by the Reach In desk in the foyer of the Worship Center.  Or for more information about ABFs, contact Taylor.

Age Groups

Adults (20s-30s)
Adult 1 - Verrett  9:15am, Room H217/219
Director: Matt Everett
Adult 1 - Carlile  9:15am, Room H213/215
Director: Bryan Masters
Adult 1 - Nipper 9:15am, Room H201 Directors: Will and Elisabeth Nipper
Adult 1 - Wales 9:15am, Room H214/216 Teacher: Christian Anders Director: Tyler Wales

Adults (30s-40s)
Brumfield  9:15am, Room H101/103 Director: Brad Brumfield
Adult 3 - Lilley   9:15am, Worship Center Chapel
Directors: Jeff and Traci Lilley
Adult 2 - Bracey  9:15am, Room WC113 Director: Terry Bracey
Adult 2 - Wiley 9:15am, Room H102 Teacher: Kristi Miller Director: Dedra Wiley

Adults (40s-50s)
Bartel 9:15am, Room H109/111
Teacher:  Mark Bartel
Adult 3 - Jordan  9:15am, Room H117
Teacher:  Steve Jordan
Adult 3 - Kairdolf  10:45am, Worship Center Chapel Teacher:  Keith Friley
Adult 3 - Alford 10:45am, Room H213/215 Directors: James and Catherine Alford

Adults (50s-60s)
Arcement 10:45am, Room H105/107 Teacher:  Peggy Arcement
Cox 10:45am, Room H101/103 Teacher: Speedy Moore
Adult 4 - Courville  10:45am, Room H117/119 Director: Diane Courville
Krone  10:45am, Room H121/123
Teacher:  Barry Steele
Adult 4 - Long  10:45am, Room H201 Teacher:  Edwin Dale
Spinks  10:45am, Room H214/216 Teacher: Mike Spinks

Adults (60s and older)  
Burkeen (Women) 8:00am, Room H122/124
Teacher:  Joyce Burkeen
Lambe  8:00am, Worship Center Chapel Teacher: Ron Lambe
Adult 5 - Ansell 10:45am, Room H122/124 Teacher: Austin Kendrick
Birch  10:45am, Room H109/111
Directors: Wayne & Nancy Birch 
Chustz  10:45am, Room WC129 Director: MJ Chustz
Lee  10:45am, Room H113/115
Teacher:  Patsy Dufour
Parker 10:45am, Room WC113 Director: Jackie Parker
Vincent 10:45am, Room H118/120 Teacher: Wayne Vincent

Common Interest Groups

Deaf - Byrd  9:15am, Room H121/12
Teacher:  Michael Mack
Sports - Woodruff 9:15am, Room H218/220
Teacher:  ML Woodruff
Spanish 9.15am (Escuela Dominical) Hope Building Room H106 - H108
Teacher: Mrs. Tania Moran