Internship at Istrouma

If you think being an intern means being a gopher or doing grunt work, you're right. 

But it's so much more. 

It's the toughest jobs you’ll ever have, but it’s a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

Because changing the world for the kingdom of Christ is bigger than any of us.   

Whatever your gifts are, we want to help you maximize them. 

Is sports your calling?  We can show you how to use sports ministries to spread the gospel. 

Are mission trips and service projects your thing?  Come work alongside us in our local and global initiatives.  

Love discipling middle school students?  We can make that happen too.   

It’s time to use your God-given gifts for his glory.  We want to partner with you at Istrouma.   


Istrouma's Internship Ministry is focused on developing young leaders in their calling, character, and competencies by expanding the kingdom of God locally and globally.  


We believe that development has to be intentional.
 Our development as people and as leaders must involve a focused and purposeful approach, not haphazard busyness.

We believe that we need to develop leaders, not use leaders. Too often, internship programs are used as a breeding ground for grunt labor.  We recognize this tendency and want to insure we are pouring into our interns’ lives.

We believe that development takes place within the context of ministry.  Development of leaders must involve practical application within an active ministry context for it to be useful.

We believe that development takes place within the context of relationship. 
Development of leaders always involves a series of key relationships including peers and ministry leaders.

We believe that rising leaders need proximity to seasoned leaders.
One of the most significant things that we can do to develop leaders is simply allow them to be around other more mature leaders.  We all learn by observation and through relationship.

We believe that development must be holistic.
 Development must address a range of issues including personal, theological, ministry skills, and missional development with the aim of developing the whole person.

We believe that development must be broad-based but individually focused. 
It is obvious that no programmatic plan will absolutely develop every person engaged in that plan.  There must be individually tailored elements alongside the broad-based plan.